The reason why at the end of the day you go for that cake

So you had a long day, perhaps some decisions or situations that required more willpower than usual and you thought to yourself: “What a hell, I will go for the cake”. Well, you are like many others that blunder into cakes and other glorious bastions of fatness when their daily willpower resources runs out.

Turns out, many psychological studies have shown that willpower is indeed a resource, and it can be drained. In one study participants had to ignore freshly cooked, godly smelling chocolate chips and eat radishes instead.

How do you think they performed in an impossible to solve, frustrating logical puzzle afterwards? Well, not so great. More than two times worse than people that didn’t have to endure the agony of not being able to take the holly greatness that was in front of them.

Next time you want to flex your willpower, remember this great analogy that I just made up: You can either run around the tree or hope that you will stop in time before hitting it. It’s like that with willpower. You should outsmart yourself and create situations where you don’t need so much willpower instead of thinking that your future you will be a gladiator, slaughtering all of the enemies of the mind with ease. Just like that cake that you ate.

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